Work From Forest

1.About us

We are 3 nature lovers from absolutely different backgrounds who spent many years traveling and discovering Armenia’s hidden corners.Three of us Gurgen Kanetsyan passionate radio physicists, Stephan Adamyan brilliant accountant and Ana Yan , travel guru thanks to pandemic were moving around and enjoying our working from different locations: forest, lakes, enjoying the nature, fantastic views and absolute 0 disturbance.

2.Our idea

This reality was the seed of the idea that grew over the next few months and became the Work From Forest  project.  

3.The role of Pandemic

Fortunate or not, the role of the pandemics in this initiative was huge. The empty offices, imprisonment in our home offices for 24/7  of not productive work without distinguishing the working hours from free time, huge misunderstandings with our colleagues.

All these circumstances brought us to an idea of organizing an office in the woods, with good wifi, comfortable seats, stunning views where anybody would simply feel great to work, enjoy the fresh air, finally meet all the newly hired team members and still remain safe.


to develop the culture of organizing the working process outdoors by combining nature and work.


to provide all the necessary components of a comfortable, productive and healthy working environment for our clients.

What we provide:

● unique environment for productive working, totally different from office, commonly utilized working spaces or Lofts;

● energizing short hiking activities to refresh one’s mind or to concentrate on challenging tasks;

● team building next to the fireplace.

To make your working day productive we will provide:

● An improvised working space in the forest (working tables, internet, electricity)

● Chill Zone (hammocks, beanbags, maths)

● Coffee Breaks (coffee made on fire with snacks)

To refresh one’s mind one hour energizing hike or other activities will be suggested to the group.