Armenia is a country that has a very special inexplicable charm. It is inexplicable because nobody can say for sure what and why is it, that when a person comes here, they feel as if there were no need to go back home. We decided to find out why that happens and what is so special about this land. So we traveled a lot, stayed in various places, saw different things and met lots of people. We collected a huge puzzle of very special moments, warm meetings, colors, tastes and emotions. And at a certain point we understood that we were enjoying the process so much, that there was no point in finding the reason. So we thought – and what if we make it possible for every wondering and curious soul to be part of that process? So we started to create conditions for people from any point of this planet to come and start their own endless quest. So welcome to the Tripsters club – a travelling society for lovers of unusual and alternative trips. Bon voyage!